Whether you have an emergency or just stumped with any of your technology, we're here to help. We can help with your technology issues arising from hardware failures, viruses, security breaches, operating system problems, application conflicts, upgrades, updates, data integrity issues and more.


We also provide IT consulting services to help these companies find the best solutions for their needs and to help their business run smoother. If your dream is to improve upon your existing infrastructure, then we can help that become reality. As we work with your company and employees, we want to become part of your team. Suggest new ideas. Efficiencies. Improve workflow. Reduce downtime. Increase productivity. From planning to implementation to maintaining, we want to be part of your solutions, not problems. 


All flavors of Windows. Microsoft Office. SQL Server. Exchange Server. PracticeWorks. Dentrix. PDS Cortex. Macola. JobBoss. Solidwords. TopSolid. Autocad. Mastercam. Spinfire. Goldmine. ACT!. Oracle. SAP. Macola. Check Factory. Crystal Reports. Symantec. Macrium. BitDefender. Acronis. EaseUS. Paragon. VMWare. Quickbooks. Peachtree. And many more. If it's out there, we've probably worked with it.


We sell all hardware no matter the brand or type. We'll help you get the right equipment at the best price from any vendor. No getting tied into anything. No up-sell pressure. No over-selling. Unlimited choices and freedom.


Cyber Security is a must have for any business that utilizes and relies on the Internet. With the right security precautions, there is no need to fear potential cyber attacks. Our product prevents users from engaging in activities that are harmful to the network which can hinder or halt your operations. Data breaches can also lead to fines, lawsuits, and a damaged reputation. Local security policies make sure your sensitive information is only accessible securely by designated employees or agents.

Even without the Internet, security is still of top importance. Certain information (any personal identifiable information or medical records) must be secured even from your own employees. Are you logging who has access to what and when? If there is an information breach or any kind, will you be ready to defend yourself from any liability? Is your insurance adequate for today's high tech nature?


HIPAA. PCI. ITAR. Licensing audits. Security audits. Especially when dealing with medical records, financial records, or any personal identifiable information, the utmost care must be taken to assure you are in compliance not only in meeting today's legal and liability insurance requirements, but planning for tomorrow and staying a step ahead. 


Network engineering helps you improve security, efficiency, and uptime for your business so you can spend time on what matters. Cabling, switches, routers, firewalls, ethernet, fiber optics, WiFi...  All your PCs and devices need to be connected to each other, your servers and the Internet in order to be functional. Even most phone systems today are totally digital (VOIP) or are at some point. Your network is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Inadequate design will lead to bottlenecks, slow response times and outages. And that's just your LAN (Local Area Network). If you have multiple locations, remote or home users, you'll also need even more careful engineering for your WAN (Wide Area Network).  


By far the most important piece of any IT strategy. If you have YOUR data in a usable form that you can hold in your hands, anything else can be fixed. Image backups. Synchronous. Full file. Incremental. Differential. Tape. Portable hard drives. Cloud storage. Two different backup types using different media types. Your data is you, your company. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Even if you've migrated 100% to cloud computing, I still recommend a local backup of your data. Doing so will flow right through to your disaster recovery plans. And we'll test those backups regularly to make sure your data is retrievable regardless of how or what happened. 


Protect your business and your networks. Monitor your servers and computers to ensure that they're running smoothly. Protect against viruses and malware. Why wait for users to report problems? Real-time alerts of problems can often lead to resolution before your operations are even affected.