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"We managed to get 87 employees working from home in less than 72 hours thanks to PC Service's  superior  install techniques and seamless user experience." - Roger Fisk, IT operations manager, Alan Fisk Group


"Brian at PC Service of Nebraska responded promptly and with sincere professionalism when I called for a diagnostic issue and had it fixed extremely fast. He is knowledgeable in his field, well versed and polite. I highly recommend using his services should you have any computer issues." - Tonya Brodigan


"I was General Manager for Credit Management Services in Grand Island for over 30 years. Shortly after converting our business to computers we contacted Brian with PC Services to assist with our computers.

He was instrumental in setting up our security and back up systems along with helping with day to day “emergencies.”  Brian is very knowledgeable in all aspects of IT.  He is also dependable and addressed any problems we had in a timely fashion.

I would easily recommend him for any computer needs." - Sherri Bergholz, Credit Management


"You were just always so good  @ what you did!  I could always depend on you to find a way to get thru a mess. A great computer person for hardware & software." - Wendy DeNoyer, Grand Island Dental

Hi. I’m Brian Cox, owner of PC Service of Nebraska. My computer career began 43 years ago when my parents bought me a Tandy Color Computer II from Radio Shack that used audio cassette tapes and a TV when I was 7. What I remember most is the two huge manuals that came with it. I read them cover to cover. You definitely couldn’t just sit down in front of a computer and just do anything in those days. No mouse. Then came the Commodore 64 for almost a decade. Of course then Microsoft DOS and then the Windows monopoly. Apple products I always stayed away from. 

I did some side computer work during college, but mainly worked full time at a grocery store. Started stocking shelves and ended up assistant manager running the front end. Attended Hastings College, graduating in 1994 with Computer Science, Businesses Administration and Accounting degrees. After college, I got married and started working full-time as a computer and network technician. On 01/01/2000 I started this business. 

We take care of some large corporate networks, basically functioning as their IT director. Consulting as well as all the actual doing. Manufacturing, medical offices, finance... Life cycle management. Budgets. License compliance. HIPAA compliance. HITECH act. PCI compliance. Sarbanes-Oxley. ITAR. 2FA. Training. Server administrator. Multiple locations. VPNs. Firewalls. Endpoint protection. SQL database administration. Web site development and administration. Security, security, security…